Forum Presentations

Part 1: Global pig production and developing trend

·The impact of financial crisis on global pig industry and developing strategy
·Regulations and operations of pig production in EU
·Profile of China pig industry and development

Part 2: Pig production and food safety

·Latest development in world pig genetic breeding and China’s breeding market
·Pig production and management in China's intensive pig farm
·Control and measures to the feed safety in EU
·China’s pig meat processing and safety control
·Food safety crisis management and consumer communication

Part 3: Environmental protection and disease control

·Environmental friendly technology and application in China’s pig production
·Innovation boosts sustainable development
·Pig disease prevention and control technology in China
·Animal health strategies

Photo Gallery

2009 Global Pig Forum (Part 1,May 14)
2009 Global Pig Forum (Part 2,May 14)
2009 Global Pig Forum (Part 3,May 15)
2009 Global Pig Forum (Part 4,May 15)
2009 Global Pig Forum (Features)
2009 Global Pig Forum (Banquet)
2009 Global Pig Forum (Promoting Boards)